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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Shadows of the Past
By E.A. Jensen

For five years, Kirsa Heinrich has tried to leave her past behind. Yet in a blink of an eye it all comes back to haunt her. A call from her old boss informs her that a series of heinous murders has occurred in her hometown. Each victim is protected under the Paranormal Laws, each one killed in a different manner. At each scene a cryptic message is left for Kirsa. Now Kirsa has to face her own past in order to solve the crimes.

Ayden O'Brian is a member of an elite group of Vampires that work for the Vampire Council. He has been handed a case that hints at a traitor in their midst, one who is giving secrets to their biggest enemy. When the information that is being leaked pertains to Kirsa and her family's connection to council, Ayden is sent to New Jersey to help Kirsa solve the case. Together they will unlock a long hidden secret about Kirsa's family and an old war between vampires. For within the past, they will discover the secret to the traitor and the person responsible for the killings.

~ My thoughts~

I just recently started reading books like this one, and I was hooked in the first chapter. I kept trying to guess who the traitor could be, and didn't really figure it out until the author lets us know in the book. I am a fan of murder mysteries as well as romance novels, and this book had both ingredients mixed in. I look forward to the sequel. There were some grammatical issues, misspelled words drive me crazy, but I still give this book four stars ****.